Outdoor Fires Gone Bad!

Wildland Fire

FirewiseLogoColor_thDo you know that one of the highest causes of structure fires in Redings Mill Fire District is outdoor burning. Thats right, uncontrolled outdoor burning in a trash can or a leaf pile leads to many structure fires in our Fire District. Although we mostly think of fires that start in our homes, it’s worthwhile to look at how many fires start from outside fires and then damage our homes or outbuildings.

Here are some tips on outdoor burning:

  • If your going to burn in a barrel put a screen over the top to arrest sparks.
  • Make sure the ground around your barrel or leaf pile is dirt or concrete so sparks won’t ignite if they  escape the barrel.
  • Always check the fire weather forecast on our homepage. If the humidity is below 40% or winds are over 10 mph don’t burn.
  • Stay with your fires. Many out of control fires are due to the property owner starting and then leaving the fire unattended.
  • If you can’t control an outside fire, call the fire department to respond. We would rather control a small fire than risk your injury fighting the fire without proper safety equipment.
  • Burn small piles about 3 feet across and no more than three feet high.
  • Put water on the burn pile several times after you are done. Smoldering embers can stay hot for 2-3 days and start a fire later if the wind comes up.
  • Call your local fire department if you have questions about burning, or would like us to discuss safe burning procedures with you.



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