Response Statistics

Here are response statistics for the last month and the year to date.

Response TypeJune 2016Year To Date Responses
Motor Vehicle Accident1460
Water Rescue22
Emergency Medical53279
Natural Cover Fire073
Structure Fire014
Vehicle Fire29
Investigation/Service Assists/ False Alarms1985
Hazardous Materials15
Dispatched and Cancelled453
Automatic and Mutual Aid654
Total Calls for Month101
Total Calls Year to Date635

Here are the volunteer hour for the last month and the year to date.

EventJune 2016 HoursYTD Total
Station Shifts184810373
Committees/Admin Meetings7165
Public Education23
Fire Corp019.5

Here are the response statistics for 2015.

Response Type2015 Total Responses
Motor Vehicle Accident124
Water Rescue10
Emergency Medical605
Natural Cover Fire64
Structure Fire26
Vehicle Fire12
Investigation/Service Assists/ False Alarms191
Hazardous Materials13
Dispatched and Cancelled38
Automatic and Mutual Aid68
Total Calls 20151159

2010-2014 Response Comparison