Weather Radios


Redings Mill Fire District has NOAA Weather Radios for purchase at Station 1, 344 Redings Mill Road, in Redings Mill.

We will program them for you at no charge for your specific location.

A storm is coming…Will you know it?

Siren Traditionally, people have relied on Outdoor Warning Sirens to alert them of approaching storms and tornados. In today’s age, this is not the only option for residents to rely on.

The limitations Outdoor Warning Sirens:

-They were designed to warn only people who were outdoors.

Effective Range of a siren is only 1 mile, less if you are up-wind.

-They are mechanical and could fail to activate, and they have to be activated physically at a Dispatch Center


A better way to receive warnings!

An All-Hazards Radio that gets its information directly from the National Weather Service. Advantages of the All-Hazards Radio:

  • Battery operated, in case the power goes out.
  • Programmed for your county only or more if you choose.
  • Easily heard indoors.
  • Accessories can be added for people with visual or hearing impairments
  • Warnings come directly from the National Weather Service

Several Different Types of Radios

  • S.A.M.E. Technology: Look for radios that offer Specific Area Messaging Encoding. This allows the user to program in codes for the specific counties that they want. If you only want to hear your counties warnings, that’s all you’ll hear.
  • Some models offer more options for receiving alerts. The more expensive models let you program it to only receive certain types of alerts as well as receiving alerts for the specific counties that you want. So, if you want to only receive tornado warnings for your area, you can do that.
  • This feature offers the user the convenience of being alerted only to warnings in the area he /she selects, so they are less likely to be turned off because the user is annoyed by too many messages not applicable to them.

A perfectly issued warning for a mile wide tornado is useless if people in the path of the storm don’t receive it. During emergencies, the National Weather Service will send out a special tone alert on NWR that activates the weather radio siren. When buying your radio, make sure it lists S.A.M.E. capability which allows you to program the radio to tone alert.

Suggested Program Listing for a Midland WR-120

  • Language – English
  • Location: Choose Multiple
    • Position 01 – 029097 (Jasper County, MO)
    • Position 02 – 029145 (Newton County, MO)
    • Position 03 – 020021 (Cherokee County, KS)
  • Alert Type – Voice
  • Channel – 7 (162.550 MHz) OR the clearest channel for your location
  • Backlight – Normal
  • Button Beeps – On
  • Required Weekly Test – Off
  • Wakeup Alarm – Off

If you have any questions regarding NOAA Weather Radios for purchase or would like to have one that you’ve purchased elsewhere programmed for no charge please contact Fire Chief Steve Coats using the link below.

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