Response Data

Incident DescriptionAugust 2022Year to Date 2022
Motor Vehicle Accident899
Extrication / Rescue03
Water Rescue06
Animal Rescue03
Emergency Medical56518
Natural Cover Fire561
Structure Fire127
Vehicle Fire19
Investigation / False Alarm / Service Call332
Hazardous Condition212
Canceled / No Incident Found19186
Mutual Aid17129
Total Calls1121085


2021 Response Data

Incident Description2021 Total Responses
Motor Vehicle Accident165
Extrication / Rescue11
Water Rescue6
Emergency Medical714
Natural Cover Fire42
Structure Fire20
Vehicle Fire19
Investigation / False Alarm / Service Call67
Hazardous Condition21
Canceled / No Incident215
Mutual Aid128
Total Calls1,408


2020 Response Data

Response Type2020 Total Responses
Motor Vehicle Accident144
Water Rescue14
Emergency Medical625
Natural Cover Fire62
Structure Fire33
Vehicle Fire19
Investigation/Service Assists/ False Alarms61
Hazardous Materials19
Dispatched and Cancelled/ No Incident Found167
Automatic and Mutual Aid119