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It's spring weather season. We have weather radios for $30 at Station 1. We'll even program them for your area.
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Project Community Alert

Project Community Alert is a community-wide effort led by the Fire District.

Our goal is to make available the programmable emergency weather radios to our rural service area at our cost.  These programmable emergency weather radios work by sounding alarms inside homes, schools, and businesses who might not hear the outdoor sirens.  Thus saving lives and preventing injuries.  These have a battery backup feature so they will still function during a power outage (requires insertion of a battery).  These radios are programmable to sound warnings for your specific area and the list of codes are available at the NOAA.  These radios are generally used to issue severe weather alerts, but authorities may issue warnings about other types of hazards such as chemical spills or biological hazards.

You may contact Station 1 at (417) 624-2715 to arrange purchase of a weather radio or check with your local retailer.  The model we offer and recommend is the Midland WR-100B and is $30.00.  There are other models available with an alarm clock and radio for an additional $20.00.

These radios also provide other useful information like your current weather information.  There are also options for the hearing and visually impaired like strobe lights, pagers, bed shakers, text printers, etc.

NOAA reports between 85 and 95 percent of Americans can receive the NOAA Weather Broadcasts, but only 5 to 10 percent actually own a NOAA compatible weather radio.
















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