Redings Mill Fire District Staff

Emergency Response Staff

 NameRankYears of Service
Chief Officers
Steve CoatsFire Chief23
Ronnie MetcalfDeputy Chief13
Robbie SternerAssistant Chief6
David PopeCaptain A-Shift19
Tyler HaileyLieutenant A-Shift11
Chris TaylorEngineer/EMT A-Shift6
Lakin VolmerEngineer A-Shift4
Devon MaschgerFirefighter A-Shift2
Louis SurgiFirefighter A-Shift
Mark GarbetCaptain B-Shift20
David HayesLieutenant B-Shift21
Geoff HaynesEngineer B-Shift2
Grant WoodsEngineer B-Shift2
Nathan LipseyFirefighter B-Shift2
Tim IntessimoneFirefighter/EMT B-Shift
Leif HastyCaptain C-Shift10
Scott SkoglundEngineer C-Shift15
Andrew JilesLieutenant C-Shift1
Tanner WarnerFirefighter/EMT C-Shift
Tony FrazierFirefighter/Paramedic C-Shift
Roger GravenerVolunteer Engineer32
Dustin BurnsVolunteer Engineer / Paramedic2
Perry BrockVolunteer Firefighter10
Chris ReevesVolunteer Firefighter / EMT6
Tyler BeaverVolunteer Firefighter3

Board of Directors

 NamePositionYears of Service
Tom MeadowsBoard Chairman16
David WunderlinBoard Member14
Bruce AndersonBoard Member10
Larry BilkeBoard Member6
Aaron HoukBoard Member4
Leigh KelleyBoard Secretary2

Fire Corp

 NameRankYears of Service
Stevan WestonFire Corp Member6
Toni WestonFire Corp Member6
Donna BrownFire Corp Member5
Dennis CarrierFire Corp Member6
Pam CarrierFire Corp Member6
David WunderlinFire Corp Member7
Margaret WunderlinFire Corp Member7
Leigh KelleyFire Corp Member6