Public Education

IMG_2154The Redings Mill Fire Protection District is committed to educating our community on ways that they can protect themselves from the devastating effects of fire. To accomplish this we offer a wide range of public education opportunities:

o Station Tours – Bring your family, your class, or just yourself and visit our station. Firefighters will show you our equipment, what we do, and how we do it. Kids love to climb on the fire trucks and parents don’t forget your camera, many photo opportunities are available during your visit.

100_0295o Puppet Show – A fun learning experience for all children ages 3 – 9 as puppets entertain the children through songs designed to teach your children the dangers of fire and how to stay safe during a fire. Minimum of 5 children required for a puppet show.

o  Burney – Burney has been the cornerstone of our public education program for many years. Burney is a vehicle that shows children the devastating effects of fire. This vehicle that was developed entirely through donations from our community and the Missouri Department of Conservation features a child’s bedroom in the back that has the furniture and toys burned. A smoke machine is also installed in the bedroom showing children the importance of staying low and crawling out to safety.

Pub%20Ed%203o Live S.A.F.E. – Our public education program that is designed to bring safety to your home. Live S.A.F.E. stands for smoke alarms, assess for dangers, formulate a plan, and escape. At your request, firefighters will visit your home and assess your home for safety hazards both inside and outside the home. Utilizing a firewise assessment sheet we will make recommendations on how to safeguard your home from wildfires, inside the home we will look for hazards that could cause a fire. Firefighters will also check your smoke alarms to ensure they are working correctly and install smoke alarms if you do not have them. We will then sit down with you and your children and draw an escape plan specific to your home. Finally, as a family, our firefighters will practice the escape plan with you and your children ensuring that everyone is ready if a fire occurs.

o Juvenile Firesetter Program – Is it simple curiosity or is it a problem that needs attention. Our organization is a part of a local coalition of fire agencies, law enforcement, child service providers, and mental health care professionals that will evaluate a child to determine how serious the problem is if they are playing with fire. After this assessment is complete an education program will be tailored to the child teaching them the dangers of fire and why it is important to not play with fire.