Donations, Grants and Planned Giving

Redings Mill Fire Protection District’s budget provides a wide array of services to our fire district residents and visitors, including fire, medical, and technical rescue response, as well as emergency management and public education programs. Our current budget provides $1.8 million dollars in funding for 10 volunteer firefighters,  23 career staff members, 5 stations and 25 different apparatus. To outfit one firefighter in protective gear is about $3,500.00, the breathing apparatus we wear during fires is now $6,100.00 each and a basic new fire apparatus is $585,000.00 without equipment.

Although our budget covers the yearly costs, we have very few funds left for purchases of specialized or updated equipment.

If you or your organization would like to support Redings Mill Fire District with funding for special projects please contact Fire Chief Steve Coats at 417-624-2715. In 2015, members of the fire department created the Redings Mill Firefighter’s Charities. This non-profit organization gained the IRS 501(C)(3) Federal Non-Profit status. Donations made to Redings Mill Firefighter’s Charities are tax deductible, and could provide funding that would allow the charity to purchase and donate needed equipment to Redings Mill Fire Protection District. Whether you could provide a one time gift, a grant from an organization, an endowment or have questions about how your planned giving could support the work of Redings Mill Firefighters Charities and Redings Mill Fire District, please contact us and we’ll discuss how we can assist in filling your philanthropic goals, while supporting the work of Redings Mill Firefighters Charities.


Funded Projects: