Redings Mill Fire District Receives FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant

Redings Mill Fire Protection District was notified by Senator Blunts Office on May 18, that we have been awarded an Assistance to Firefighter’s Grant in the amount of $20,660. This grant will provide a specialized gear washer/extractor and dryer, as well as gear racks that will help our protective clothing dry between calls. Firefighters all over the country have become aware that the cancer risk for firefighters is 3x higher than the general population, due to the smoke and chemicals we work in while controlling fires. Today’s homes and businesses are full of plastics and chemicals that are carcinogens when they are affected by fire. Having the gear washers that can extract these toxins from our gear has been a need for some time. This grant will provide the equipment that will allow us to wash our gear after every fire, and care for it so that it keeps it’s protective qualities longer. This will make our firefighters safer, and help our gear last longer. We want to thank Senator Blunts office for supporting this important grant program year after year!

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